Patch Tuesday strikes the Microsoft Surface – added firmware update goodness!

While showing my Microsoft Surface RT to someone attending this week’s SQL Server 2012 class, I noticed that I had some pending Windows Updates. Among them was a Firmware update – the updates screen even suggested I make sure the battery was charged before updating:

Clicking into the update list for more information shows the firmware patch, plus some assorted Windows 8 patches which are a mix of RT-specific and general Windows 8:

Note: I got this from the Charms sidebar Settings item. When I went to the Desktop mode Windows Update interface (get there fastest using the Winkey+X shortcut menu), the other patches were offered, but the firmware item was not shown (note the change in number of updates offered):

What’s conspicuously absent is any link to more detail on the firmware patch. No KB number, links, nothing. What’s does it patch? You got me. It does show up in the Desktop mode Windows Update History list, but again, there’s no additional information provided.

While exploring links in the KB articles accompanying the various patches, I did stumble upon a Support page that I didn’t know existed, for info on how to handle Surface Updates. I’m not sure how useful it is, but it’s worth a quick look.